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Brown Wool

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Brown Wool
Brown Wool

Before modern synthetic dyes, where did grey and brown fabric dyes come from?

I was wondering how, before the advent of modern synthetic dyes, grey and brown fabrics were dyed. It seems to me that there are no natural ways to obtain a dye that can create a lasting grey or brown cloth, so how were fabrics dyed in these colors?

Also, if you happen to know, why aren’t pile fabrics usually made from wool, but rather cotton or silk?

Chinchilla – Usually made from wool but can also be made in cotton, and some man made and synthetics. It has a sateen or twill construction with extra fillings for long floats. Thankfully, it does not resemble true chinchilla fur but has small nubs on the surface of the fabric which are made by the chinchilla machine. It attacks the face and causes the long floats to be worked into nubs and balls. Cotton warp is often used because it cannot show from either side. Chinchilla takes its name from Chinchilla Spain where it was invented, There are several wool piles listed here.

Info on Dyes from 2600 BC till present

our make do chair with 18th century wooden wings and brown wool, excellent sturdy chairs.

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