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Brown Skate

Posted on Friday, December 31, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Brown Skate
Brown Skate

When it comes to improving your skiing ability, sound ski techniques are very important. Quite simply, as with just about any sport you play, you can never achieve your peak potential if the fundamentals aren’t in place.

Of course, you do need to let your instinct take over at some point; it never does any good to over think things. However, before this can occur, you need to make sure you are in the right positions to maximize your ability. This is where getting good ski tips comes in.

Unfortunately, most skiers will remain either beginners or amateurs their whole skiing careers, just because they never took the time to learn the skiing beginners tips at the outset. This would include things like the carving ski ski technique, learning to turn, etc.

However, be careful who you do take lessons from, and most importantly, how you take lessons. Many resorts offer group lessons, which is obviously great for them because of all the revenue it brings in.

Unfortunately, these one size fits all approaches to teaching actually hurt people in the long run, because they don’t receive instruction specific to their skills. This teaching technique simply doesn’t work, because it ignores the individual problems certain skiers may struggle with, and simply gives tips that work for some skiers and not for others.

This is akin to golfers pouring through golf magazines and gobbling up the latest tips. In reality, while these might help a few people who read them, they will hurt many more because they ignore their individual swing. A tip that might work for one golfer might actually hurt another because their swings are different, and therefore require different technique to make them work effectively. The same thing applies with skiing.

Having said that, here is one simply technique that will help almost any skier, regardless of their technique or ability level. To help you feel more in control while out on the slopes, make sure you pay attention to the edges of your skis while going down the hill.

Unfortunately, while many people are flying down the slope at breakneck speed, they don’t know how to turn, and lose control and crash. in order to help you feel more in charge out there, you need to learn how to turn properly.

In order to do this, make sure that when you turn, you apply a constant amount of pressure underneath your foot then using light pressure at first and building towards the end, as most skiers typically do.

To practice this, attempt to turn under normal circumstances first; you can tell how well you are performing by simply hearing the noise your skis make on the snow. If it sounds a lot more noisy at the finish of the turn, that means the edges are digging in too deep to the snow, which you definitely want to avoid. Make sure the noise volume stays constant throughout the turn, which is the only way of knowing if you are making a proper turn or not.

The bottom line is, hopefully these skiing tips will benefit you and help you improve your ski techniques very shortly. By far the best way to do this would be to take a private lesson; yes, these are more expensive than the typical group sessions, but if you are really serious about improving your ability, I would highly recommend it.

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