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Brown Belt

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Brown Belt
Brown Belt

Men do not need accessories – false.

Men and women alike need accessories to add a more polish effect to your casual and formal wear. Of course, there are a lot of accessories out there. Here’s a quick rundown of the essential accessories that man can wear.

For fabulous accessories, men do not need a lot of pieces. At least one piece of each type is enough but that doesn’t mean that they are not important. Accessories, no matter how minute and simple, can create elegance and accent to your otherwise everyday casual wear. It is therefore important that in buying accessories, you need to consider, first and foremost, its versatility. That simply means that you need to purchase accessories that can match your other wardrobe seamlessly. Classical shapes, colors and designs definitely ensure versatility yet they do not necessarily spell boring. In this article, i will discuss some of men’s must own fashion accessories while emphasizing on modernity, fashionability and versatility.

Classic belts. These typical men’s accessory should always blend with the rest of your clothes so they cannot be too loud or bold. Men should have, ideally, a dress belt that they can use whenever they dress up, and a casual or jeans belt, that they can use whenever they want to be laid back and casual. These are two different belts and should not be mixed up. Dress belts typically have a narrower width, a tiny buckle and made from shiny leather. It is advised that you purchase black dress belts because men also typically wear black formal shoes. As for men’s casual belt, stay away from belts that have too flashy buckles. There are also reversible models where men can be given the option to wear black or brown leather. In case you want to know, chrome buckle is more modern than brass ones, and that your belt should always match the color of your shoes. For instance, if you’re wearing a brown belt over a tan colored suit, then your shoes should also be brown. Color coordination is always the key.

Cufflinks and tie. To add some fashion flair to your everyday office wear, every man should own cufflinks and a tie. Everyday office suits have been replaced with business casual which eventually made cufflinks and ties less significant. Then again, there are still times when one needs to dress up and it is essential that every man should be prepared with cufflinks and ties, should the need arises. For ultimate versatility, you can go for striped ties whose dominant colors are either navy or burgundy as they are classic colors. Busy patterned ties with very loud colors cannot suit all occasions. As a rule, your tie should always match the dominant color of your cufflink for a sleeker and more elegant look. For cufflinks, you should stick to classic shapes as oval, circles and squares, and shy away from novelty designs. These novelty cufflinks suits particular occasion and cannot be as versatile as classic ones.

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belt and shoes match exactly? what about brown shoes and light brown belt? mens fashion?

I wear dark brown shoes , kakis, and a dark brown belt. I need a new belt now, is it ok to wear dark brown shoes and light brown belt?

also, if anyone knows of a website for men that explains all of this kind of stuff, matching and fashion? one that breaks it down in plain english for those of us who are not inclined to this kind of stuff yet want a basic understanding?

i’d say matching would look smarter, but it really depends on the type of shoes and belt

this is a site on colour coordination

a site with men’s fashion questions

men’s fashion faux pas

So you wanna….dress better website

and Trinny and Sussanah’s Male Dress Code

i haven’t yet found a site that explains everything, but hopefully these helped! if you want any advice feel free to ask me i’m more than happy to help with anything concerning fashion!

BJJ Brown Belt Demonstration

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