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Brass Belt

Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Brass Belt
Brass Belt

Elvis Presley Solid Brass Belt Buckle Value?

Does anyone have a ballpark idea what this is worth? It’s a solid brass belt buckle. On the front it says “Elvis” across the top, a picture of him holding a guitar in the middle, two smaller full body images of him singing on the sides, and on the bottom it says “The King 1935-1977”. On the back it says Collector’s Edition and the number 1043. On back it also says “The King of Rock and Roll: A legend in his own time-and beyond” by Award Design Metals. It was bought for $50 quite a few years ago. Thank you!

My guess, would be less than you paid. I looked online for Elvis belt buckles and even saw some that said 1935-1977 but they were all under $25. Both on a buckle site and on eBay.
My guess is that it’s one of those collectibles that are specially made as collectibles so they make a lot, even if they do say limited edition and say they only made a certain amount, you know like how in the 80’s and 90’s everyone was collecting plates. And now they’re not worth anything. You say it’s number 1043, so my guess is they made 1500 maybe? And you never know, they could have made 5000.
I think also since it’s one of those purposely made collectibles, if you don’t have the original box and certificate of authenticity, the value is even lower ya know.
Good luck!

How to: shine a brass belt buckle (GET-O VERSION)

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