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Bowtie Size

Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Bowtie Size
Bowtie Size

is there anyone who can tell me what this intake manifold came off of?

i know it is off of a chevy small block, but i would like to know what car it might have originally came in and what size engine. the only # i can make out on it is 14096242, and it has a chevy bowtie emblem on it.

It’s a “marine” intake….I’ve provided a link below…note that they make a point of telling you that it’s not a street manifold….and here’s what they say in the link:

This Bow Tie part is the best stock cast iron (casting #14096242)

4 barrel manifold available.

In stock form it will produce more power between 4500 and 7000 rpm than any other stock Chevy manifold. Commonly referred to as a “Marine” intake, this manifold is a cast-iron copy of a Z-28 high rise aluminum intake. The marine intake is equipped with both carburetor bolt patterns, is 1.250″ taller than regular intakes and was not available – in cast iron form – on any production cars.

In stock form this intake will out perform stock Q-Jet and 2 barrel manifolds in most applications where the engine is running between 4500 and 7000 rpm. Because of its huge internal volume, the Marine Intake lacks throttle response below 4500 rpm compared to other stock intakes. Our Modified Marine Intake will add 10 ft/lbs of torque between 4000 and 6000 rpm.

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