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Bow Tie

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Bow Tie
Bow Tie

How do I paint my Silverado door handles, bow tie, etc?

I was wanting to paint a few things on my 2006 Chevy SIlverado. The truck is already the Summit White, I wanted to match the mirror caps, door handles, front bow tie, and the front bottom bumper. Any suggestions as to how I should approach this?

I know I need a special primer, but what kind? And where would be the best place to get the paint and clear coat?


The handles,mirror caps and bottom bumper are likely a textured plastic where as the bow tie is already coated, they will need to be treated differently.

The Textured Plastic:

First of all, let me just say that plastic parts are among the leader of failed paint jobs, so it is imperative that they be prepared 100% to procedure. Plastic has what is know as low surface tension which creates difficulty being coated. To add to this they are also contaminated with mold release agents that are used during production to remove the parts from the mold. And lastly you have a textured part that makes sanding a bit more challenging.

The good news is that it can be done and here are the steps:

Wash the parts with soap & water.

Wash the parts with a plastic cleaner

Use a sanding paste with a grey scotch pad and scrub the parts like your washing out a pot.

Clean them again with a plastic cleaner and dry them off well.

Spray on a plastic primer (commonly called an adhesion promoter)

Spray a primer (preferably a urethane primer from a gun, if you want to go with a rattle can primer I can’t stop you but strongly urge using good paint if you want high end results)

sand the primer with 320 (after dry) to eliminate the texturere primeme and sand if necessary. Go over again and finish with 500 grit paper.

Apply youbase coatat, theclear coatat.

For the emblem you should be able to simply sand it with some 500 grit and apply your base/clear right over it. Check with your local paint jobber for everything you need. A great affordable primer clear coatat targeted for thhobbyistst is SPI (southern polyurethanes). I prefer BASF paint but whatever you like.

Have a look at my website for detailed repair information or if you have any other questions, you’ll find many painters there. Good luck!

How to Tie a Bow Tie

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