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Blue White

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Blue White
Blue White

Blue/white collar work: what is computer networking/administration considered?

It doesn’t seem to fit with blue-collar work, since blue-collar work is manual labour where education is less of a priority. It also doesn’t fit into a category of white-collar work, since it’s most definitely not pencil-pushing or administrative as well. So what does networking fit?

There are several types of jobs in computer networking/administration.

I do both myself, as a Network Administrator, I’m mostly white-collar, I work via the terminal on the PC and I keep myself off the ground and out of the ceilings.

As a network engineer however, I climb in ceilings to install hardware, go in crawl spaces to run cable, crawl on the floor to install PCs, and lift equipment for rack-mounting.

The Networker can have many shirts, it depends on the job description 😉

[Lolly Jane Blue – White Swan] – Sil van der Woerd

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