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Blue Enamel

Posted on Friday, December 24, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Blue Enamel
Blue Enamel

percent blue vs cost?

I’ve notice that on older rifles the cost could vary dramatically from the bluing based on the percentage blue. For example a 92% blue rifle may be $300 while the same rifle with 95% blue could be worth $600! (its crazy) anywho, my question is, how do I know if a gun is truly 93, 94 or 95% blue? Also how do you know if they didn’t just touch up the gun with some cold blue to make 95% or higher…
bonus question: if my gun has 90% blue or so, is there a type of spray enamel I can spray on it to preserve or is it just better to reblue it?

Normally the percentage of remaining bluing is important for collector type weapons. The actual percentage is subjective but isn’t too much so;someone could say 93% some else 94% etc. If you are around guns enough you can recognize the cold bluing or re-bluing and that will detract from the prices of real valuable items, so it makes no sense to alter the bluing. It is like “patina” on a bronze piece, you expect some because of exposure to the elements and time. If you refinish a bronze figure the price plummets. They have that on “Antique Roadshow” all the time.

As for spraying anything to preserve your finish, it would do more harm than good. Few products will stick to metal that isn’t prepared properly and then you get flaking and spotting. Another problem would be trapped moisture under the enamel or other surface covering producing rust and salts.

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