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Black White

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Black White
Black White

Black & White?

What are your thoughts on a black & white wedding?

Do you think black makes the event “goth”?

If you were doing it, would you want all of your guests to wear black and white also? Or just the wedding party?

Someone has suggested that the mother of the bride wear red…what do you think about that?
Gosh, T-Luv thanks for the helpful answer…Obviously it doesn’t have to be black, but why does anyone pick any color? She wants to have a black & white event, so this is what we’re working with.
And let me just add…the concept is that it’s Black AND White…Not just black (thanks for reading!)

its YOUR wedding – have whatever colour scheme you want.
the idea that black is just for funerals i long gone- in some cultures White is the colour for mourning;
my sister was MOH recently where the bridal party were all in black with white flowers & accents; I also saw pictures of a wedding in a bridal magazine where the bridesmaids were in black & white outfits – each one different to match the personality of the lady- looked FANTASTIC.
RE:- asking guests to wear those colours – put on your invites that you are having a *themed event* & “”INVITE”” the guests to see how creative they can be using those colours & if it is NOT meant to be a formal affair stress that fact also.
maybe word the invitations like a letter
dear …….
we would love to have you share in our special day along with other family & friends.
this is going to happen
on–date/time; at– location;
with a reception/cocktail party etc; to follow at ———
as you are aware – we like to do things a little differently so we are having a black & white theme for the occassion.
we would like to invite you to show your creativity in using these colours for your outfits also.- whether they be casual or formal
looking forward to having you join us on the day

X & Y 🙂

RSVP :- 0/0/00
personally as mother of the bride I would wear red- BUT then that is a colour i feel comfortable in- for my daughters wedding I wore bright yellow as it was fresh & cheerful & they had a beach ceremony.
there are MANY different shades of red- the colour for the MOB should be one that she feels good wearing- but preferrably a strong colour

black can be gothic looking ; but it can also be elegent;casual– the look mainly depends on the styles of the outfits & the accessories & make-up.

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