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Black Tuxedo

Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Black Tuxedo
Black Tuxedo

Dream with man in a black tuxedo.?

The night before I had this dream that I was with my daschuand Roscoe and he was running down the driveway of where my neighbor lives. I ran down there after him wondering what he was trying to get at. There was this man in a black tuxedo with blond hair and blue eyes and he looked somewhat like the guy from the movie Creepshow. He gave me the dog and said here’s your dog back. So as I left I turned back to say thank you and he gave me this kind of sinister smile. Does anybody know what this might mean?

Dogs often represent loyalty, they are pack animals. A man in a tux seems out of place outside in a driveway. I would say this indicates that someone is not what they seem. It might be someone close to you is involved with someone that is not trustworthy.


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