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Black Super

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Black Super
Black Super

” super black holes ” What happens to the things that it eats ?

Do you know ? If so do you think that if a super black hole grew big enough could it cause an event like the bing bang ? Or am I way off base with thinking this ?

No-one is really sure because the laws of physics break down inside a black hole. Matter is crushed down to an impossibly small volume, and only 3 things are preserved: mass, spin and charge — all other characteristics of the matter are lost forever. However black holes do lose energy over time, so they’re not really “black”. When virtual particle pairs are created at the event horizon, one particle falls into the hole and the other escapes as Hawking Radiation.

Part 1 – Super-massive Black Holes – BBC Horizon

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