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Black Pinstripe

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Black Pinstripe
Black Pinstripe

Tuxedos and suits are the most formal attire for men. So, as a man, you should know the basic rules when choosing formal wear and wearing them. The following are tips for men who are not so familiar with the basic rules on their formal wear.

Step 1

Wear clothes in neutral and conservative colors like navy blue, brown, and gray and avoid odd-colored clothing. You can put additional dimension of color to your outfit by wearing a suit with pinstripes. Remember, a great thin pinstripe pattern, which sometimes comes in bolder pattern, can add charm and class to a dull, classic-colored suit.

Step 2

Choose the appropriate tie and shirt, which also affect your look. If you choose a suit in neutral color, match it with shirt in any color. Just make sure the hues have the same tone. If you’re wearing a bright green shirt, don’t match it up with a dark-colored suit. Instead, go for the one in powder blue or soft pink color.

Step 3

Avoid wearing pants and sports coat with the same color. If you just focus on traditional pair of black pants and wear them with classic black sports coat, the colors will not match well. Though the colors are technically the same and you think your look seems okay, you’re actually wrong.

Step 4

Never wear a suit, tuxedo, or any clothing that does not fit you. If you have a suit that does not fit you well, bring it to the tailor to fix it. Remember, letting a tailor fix your suit is cheaper than buying a new one. You should avoid wearing too long or too short pants and tie. Too long pants make shorter men look even shorter. As for the tie, its bottom should just reach the top of your belt buckle. Also, avoid wearing clip-on tie because it is for kids! If you can’t tie it, ask someone who can help you do it.

Step 5

Don’t wear shoestring cowboy tie or a bow tie if it does not complement your outfit. A bow tie should be worn with a tuxedo. Though a bow tie makes men look smart, don’t insist wearing it with a suit if you don’t want to look ridiculous.

By following the five tips mentioned above, you can now avoid committing the most common mistakes done by men when looking or wearing tuxedos and suits. Use these tips to make yourself look best when attending formal events. Apply the basic rules and use your common sense to stand out in the crowd each time you attend formal social gatherings.

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What color tie and shirt go with a black pinstripe suit?

It’ s for a 26 year old guy going to a wedding. He doesn’t like old school. You know, young and modern. Can you wear a striped tie?

Black shirt and black or white tie (or any vibrant colour), or a pink silk shirt and a tie with tiny pink or silver diagonal stripes. There’s endless possibilities. A tie with a pattern or stripes would work 🙂

Black Pinstripe Double-Breasted

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