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Black Hills

Posted on Monday, October 4, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Black Hills
Black Hills

The first cousin of the White Hills Spruce, Black Hills Spruce also known as Pecia Densata, is a slow growth tree that grows to maximum 12′ annually. It is a compact tree and is evergreen. The tree may grow up to 40 feet in height and is a sturdy tree that is not damaged by strong winds and heavy snow storms. The trees can have a life span of nearly 80 years. The tree can easily grow in various soils but it flourishes in a well aerated soil. The tree has a tough resilience and can weather difficult weather conditions and dryness too. It is sturdier than other spruces and can easily survive on just 15″ rain in a year.

Black Hills Spruce is most susceptible to fungal infections. Heavy rainfall and damp surrounding areas can provide the perfect breeding ground for these fungal infections. It would be advisable if you placed them on the outer side row than in the middle row during a windbreak. It would work great to prevent a fungal attack. Pests and insects are not known to attack them generally. They may attack the older trees, younger plants or plants under duress at times.

If you have a 2″ high potted plant you can expect it to grow to 5 feet in a span of 5 years. To ensure this good growth you need to maintain sufficient moisture, complete control on weeds and grass and absolutely no mulching. It can grow to be a large dense tree pyramidal in shape during its younger days. It is native to South Dakota as opposed to White Spruce being native to eastern United States.

The trees have a quarter inch long buds with chestnut brown scales and blunt tips. They are not resinous. The leaves are shaped like needles and a slightly glaucous leaf surface. The leaves are green in color with a length varying from one third an inch to three fourth an inch.

It has moneocious flowers with separate female and male strobili. The female strobili are observed to be colored greenish or purplish whereas the male strobili are colored tan to soft reddish color. The fruits are in the shape of cones that are generally 1.5-2 inch long with round smooth scales and are brown in color.

Black Hills Spruce grows as long stout branches from the soil and go on to form a conical or pyramidal tip. They are compact trees with upward facing branches and have a dense growth. The bark is ash brown and is generally flaky. These trees have shallow wide spreading fibrous roots.

Lirula needle blight is a common infestation found in these trees. Aphids, spider mite, yellow headed spruce sawfly and pine needle scale are some of the common insects that infect these trees.

What is the maximum clearance of the “Needles Eye” in the Black Hills of SD?

We are planning a family trip to South Dakota later this year and I need to make sure we will be able to enjoy the same things I did when traveling there as a child. What are the heigth and width restrictions when traveling on the roads around Mt. Rushmore that have all the tunnels?
We have a Ford Explorer XLT. We should be good?

Several years ago we drove most of the roads in that area with a Chevy full size van, and had no problems with clearances. If you are driving a very large motor home, or pulling a big camping trailer, you may have a problem. Try the web site for the National Park Service, and click on that area. It might give you the info you are looking for. Have fun, it’s a beautiful area. Also, Devils Tower Wyoming is close.

Black Hills of Dakota from Calamity Jane (1953)

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