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Black Gray

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Black Gray
Black Gray

Achieving a smart overall look is not possible without proper coordination of your shirts and neckties. If you have them properly matched, you can make heads turn to your direction while having other people salivate at your sense of style. Your necktie is always the focal point of your entire ensemble thus it plays the lead role in concluding your overall attire. There are two things that need to be noted in terms of matching your tie and shirt’s color and patterns.

Every man needs a white shirt. It’s pretty basic thus, it can suit any occasion and can never be outdated. If you plan to wear a tie with plain white shirts, it is always nice to have bright colored ties or patterned neckties. It can practically suit any tie which means that you should have at least one in your closet. White or light blue shirts with solid color or bright pattern neckties are timeless. You can wear them then and now without looking old school. Other than the white or light blue shirt as a closet necessity, you should also have a blue or burgundy necktie that you can use during the day and a pure black silk necktie that will suit formal occasions or dinner parties.

Matching colors need keen attention to detail and you have to be very specific. Your white or any light colored shirt can fit a black suit and a gray, blue or green necktie can be worn as long as it matches the shirt accordingly. However, if you have a gray suit, you can wear your white shirt as it is basic and your tie can be gray, green or yellow. A dark blue suit can pair almost any tie in different hues. Some color suggestions for dark blue suits include red, yellow, or blue in a lighter shade. You can have these coordinated with white, pale pink or pale yellow shirts. If you love the color brown and brown suits, you can use gray, dark brown, yellow or green neckties and pair it up with white, silver or bright brown shirts. As for green suits, yellow and brown neckties would be perfect with silver gray, blue or brown shirts. If your necktie has a lot of colors on it, choose one color from your tie and pair with the same color as your suit or shirt. The end result will be extremely stunning.

Necktie patterns have different symbols. Dots denotes maturity, stripes mean courage, plaid represents enthusiasm and zest, and floral for consideration. Line designs have different meanings too like vertical lines for leisure, horizontal lines for calmness and paisley means lively. As for the rules, you should never wear a necktie and a shirt that has the same pattern. For example, you cannot wear plaid ties with plaid shirts. You should pair your necktie with different patterns and prints that blend well together like how grid shirts go well with checked ties.

And remember, you should never, ever wear dark plaid shirts with floral patterned ties or youll look totally hideous.

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Can you add color to a black and gray tattoo if you decide you need change?

Ok i recently got a black and gray tattoo, but i have quite become a fan of color. is it hard or possible to ad minimal color to a black and gray tattoo?

If it’s a light gray , you can colour over it, but the colour won’t be as vibrant. The black you can’t colour over but you can colour around. The skintone parts, obviously, you can colour however you want.

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