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Biker Sunglasses

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Biker Sunglasses
Biker Sunglasses

What do you think of my song lyrics? I’m thinking of writing a gay musical, or is that redundant.?

Black chaps on bikers and whiskers on truckers
Bent over bear cubs, those hot mutha f*ckhas
Silver haired carpenters banging their tools
These are the guys that cause me to drool.

Rodeo cowboys riding their horses
College proffessors while teaching their courses
Shirtless landscappers with sweat in their hair
These are that men that cause me to stare

When the mood strikes
Which is usually
I don my disguise
I put on my sunglasses
And scratch myself
While watching these real
Hot guys

i smell Broadway!!!

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