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Big Pony

Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Big Pony
Big Pony

Am i to big for my beloved pony?

im in 4h with my 14 year old morgan pony and a lot of people tell me that im to big for her. she is an angel when i ride her she dosnt throgh me just gets an attitude somtimes just because shes a mare. well what i want to know is if im to big for her. she is about 14.0 hands tall and im 5.2 feet tall. if im not to big right now how long do you think i will fit o her,im only in gradeschool and still growing. shes a realy well fit horse and pretty big boned but compact and small. i need an answer soon its so hard to keep riding her and not knowing if im to big or ok.

Ponies are pretty strong! I think it is more important if you are too heavy for her, and what sort of events you use her for. If you have watched any of the reining competitions, you can see that most of the reiners are pretty small compared to the men who ride them, but if you are showing with your horse, the overall look to the judge can be important, so your leg length and things like that become an issue. If you are really too heavy for your pony, you will probably be able to tell if she has back soreness, or foot tenderness, because she will complain, and not want to go forward, and give you signs like swishing her tail, or pinning her ears. If you think she is sore, ask your vet, and make sure your tack fits well too.

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