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Beret Driving

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Beret Driving
Beret Driving

Why did Fin Tutuola want to transfer out of the SVU team?

Was it because Stabler was always too aggressive with everybody and everything around him.
I read that Fin thought that Elliot would always be the same testosterone driven pit bull fighting machine. I think sometimes because of his Marine Force Recon, and Green Beret training, he tends to let his instincts get the best of him and go around beating up and killing people to prove his masculinity and protectiveness toward Olivia, even though he doesn’t necessarily have when not in combat or at least in the field. Fin in my opinion has better control over himself. Stabler on the other is more adhered to his military discipline and routine, and uses them as a cop. What do you think?

Well, personally, I like Elliot more than I do Fin, but there was definate tension between the two of them. In season ten episode “Trials” when Cragen tells them to go check out tghe Lydia Hotel together fin says he has “a beef with Stabler” and that “he’s a total hag case”. This is because when Fin’s son was a suspect ELliot treated him as if he where a perp, and Fin got angry and shot back by saying that Elliots daughter would end up being a stripper. Now, they are okay after the episode “Confession” when a pedophile put up a a picture of Elliot’s youngest daughter Maureen. I think because they are both fathers they got very protective over their children.


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