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Belt Buckles

Posted on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles

Platinum belt buckles are classic belt buckles used by the elite community. These buckles serve as a fashion accessory as well as a functional piece for belts. As belt buckles are an integral part of the wardrobe for most men and women, platinum belt buckles are gaining in popularity.

Just like any other piece of jewelry, platinum belt buckles are designed in various styles, sizes, and shapes. Plain platinum buckles are the most common variety. They are obtained in rectangle, square, oval, or cubic shapes. These buckles are also studded with one or more diamonds, as loose diamonds are held firmly in platinum. Some buckles are encircled completely with lustrous, round diamonds. Others are engraved with designs. Names or initials can be furnished in platinum buckles. In addition, buckles without holes are designed using platinum.

Platinum belt buckles have certain advantages over gold and other belt buckles. These buckles are considered the most durable and strong. They develop a beautiful, shiny appearance over the years. Platinum belt buckles appear different from silver and gold buckles because of their bright white luster. These buckles are hypoallergenic and can withstand tarnishing much better than gold. There is no loss of metal, even when the buckles are scratched or polished. These buckles suit individuals with sensitive skin well. However, platinum belt buckles are quite expensive, and the price varies on the basis of the market value of platinum.

Platinum belt buckles are considered unique and special, as platinum is the only metal that is 90 to 95 percent pure. These buckles are usually custom made. A pure platinum buckle must be alloyed with ruthenium or cobalt in order to get hard and strong platinum. Platinum buckle plates are bought individually.

Platinum belt buckles thus form an ideal gift for special occasions. They complement elegant formal and party wear to make the ultimate fashion statement.

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What is the safe lead content in belt buckles?

I’m looking to import belts from China, and I need to know the safe US limits for lead content.
Anyone know how many PPM is safe and legal?

Thanks all.

normally, products imported to US have to comply with ASTM standard.
you can check with ASTM for more details.

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