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Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Barrys Mens
Barrys Mens

Does Patriotism mean anything more to you than identifying with a group of folks?

Citizenship being born somewhere, do we put too much upon it? I am an honoured guest in Australia, but still have citizenship, I feel welcome?

Surely, if we were born anywhere it is planet earth, hurtling around a star called sun, in a galaxy as a part of the universe at a hundred million miles an hour, and we are all in this together as global citizens?

Surely what proof do I need in a hard tough place than to be told to burger off elsewhere ya crazy barstartd as a term of affectionate endearment with maybe a solid punch in my arm that hurts for days after with a wopping great big bruise to know Aussie blokes are tough, like Barry Hall, broken wrist, no problem, out there playing AFL next weekend, so what if its broken, on with the job no matter what no yellow or red or even pink cards, this is a real mens country, where we are graced with a fair reasonable and decent queens representative, bye the way, congrats to our new excelency the first lady GG may there be many more!

patriotism for me is loyalty to fellow humans and mother country, adopted country, ancestors country, planet earth, mother nature.

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