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Band Custom

Posted on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Band Custom
Band Custom

A wedding band is a band available in metals like gold, platinum or diamonds and other precious metals. Wedding bands are exchanged during the marriage by the bride or groom. During the exchange of wedding bands on the marriage day, inscription of your love in the form of a message on the band is always a nice way of showing affection. The words inscribed on the band will remain as a permanent reminder of the commitment one takes on the special occasion.

Whether it is a ring set or a plain band of precious stones, inscribing a message is always a good way of making the band stylish and unique. Various methods of band inscriptions are seen ranging from machine work to individual hand made craftsmanship. A lengthy text can also be inscribed with the use of a laser tool.

Choosing the right method depends on one’s taste and the amount of money one is willing to spend. A handcrafted engraving can bring variations and irregularities that can add to the charm of the band and on the other hand, a machine-made band engraving will fit a modern style. It is always good to consult a jeweler in deciding what techniques you can use in engraving. In addition, you should look for samples of a final inscriptions to judge what will suit you the best.

The messages can range from simple to elaborate, poetic or zany, symbols or religious or literary quotations. Some people also choose words with private meaning and some others wish to have the wedding date or initials inscribed.

Wedding bands can be engraved at the time of buying or at a later date such as an anniversary or any other special occasion. It is always a nice way to engrave a personal and permanent love message while gifting a wedding band to your partner.

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Anyone willing to do a custom DIV BAND layout?

I need a new layout, the one myspace provides is okay, however, i want to be more original than that. Anyone willing to make a custom DIV code for my band? If so..I’ll give you the pictures and such.

no but you can check here for band customization resources

Rock Band Custom Chart: Super Mario Bros 1 (X and X+ Drums)

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