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Bahama Silk

Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Bahama Silk
Bahama Silk

How do you launder and iron a silk Tommy Bahama shirt?

With dry cleaning so expensive, I try to wash these shirts on delicate and then line dry. The problem is getting the wrinkles out!! Everyone says to iron silk on a low setting, but this seems to have no impact on the wrinkles. What do I do?

If the label says ‘Dry Clean Only’ it will need to be dry cleaned. If the label says ‘Dry Clean’ then you can use this method:
In a CLEAN, well rinsed sink (or preferably a new plastic dish tub; get two), fill the tubs 1/2 way with cool water, add a small amount of a soap like Woolite to one, swish the water gently, put the shirt in, swish gently, lightly press shirt against side of tub, transfer to tub of clean water, swish and gently press until soap is out of shirt. Lay out a bath towel, put shirt in center, about 3 inches down from top of towel, arrange shirt with arms a bit out from body, making sure that it is as wrinkle free as possible. Fold top of towel over shirt, then roll until the towel is completely rolled up. Gently press to dry. Transfer shirt to padded hanger and allow to dry. Press using iron on silk setting.

Putting the shirt into the washer causes wrinkles that are extremely difficult if not impossible to get out.

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