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Bahama Relax

Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Bahama Relax
Bahama Relax

Going on vacation can be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Many people prefer to go to sun-kissed beaches rather than anywhere else because there are a lot of activities that they can participate in to make their trips a lot more fun and memorable. If the beach of your choice is on the shores in the Bahamas then a really great activity that a lot of people enjoy is bone-fishing. Fishing is an amazing way to relax and it can be very competitive as well as challenging and bone-fishing is the best form of challenging fishing experiences. If you choose to fish for bone fish then you will need to be informed of various factors that will make your experience truly spectacular.

The Bone fish are extremely elusive and therefore it is considered as a challenging sport. They are very difficult to find and even harder to catch. The first thing to do when setting out on a fishing trip is to get a good guide, who will be able to take you to the locations where they can be found with greater ease. These fish usually live clear tropical waters like the backwater areas and in mangroves. These fish are known to be a very nervous species and so it is important not to spook them. Taking a motorized boat will seriously affect the chances of success. Most often a pole boat is used for these trips. The guide steers and moves the boat with the help of these poles so as to not scare away the fish. To be able to spot the fish you should also carry along a pair of Polaroid glasses that will allow you to see the fish beneath the waves and differentiate them from the corals and other wildlife.

Once you spot one, hooks already baited with live bait need to be lowered into the water. This must be done very gently so as to not scare it away. Using the bait used in fly-fishing helps a lot because these lures enter the water gently and silently. Live bait is usually preferred because it has a better success rate. A word to the wise – the fish is extremely strong and fast as well as smart. Once you have caught one put all your strength into pulling it out so that it does not swim away. They have been known to cut the line on the mangrove roots in their attempt to swim free!

BoneFishing Bahamas: Stay at The Delphi Club on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas, an 18th centry style colonial plantation house overlooking a stunning sandy beach.

My husband dresses very well, but we’d like something new to replace his Tommy Bahama wardrobe?

Tommy used to be less common, now its everywhere, and we are trying to find something like that but a little more current. Silk shirts, linen pants, relaxed but upscale beach wear.
Thanks – but I only see women’s clothes from Tianello online. We have a few vintage Hawaiins, but they are framed on the wall as art – only fat guys wear loud Hawaiins!

I love Hugo Boss for men. Go to the Hugo Boss store and you can always find cool and modern clothes for men. Its a sure thing.

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