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Bacco Bucci

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Bacco Bucci
Bacco Bucci

Are there stylish men’s shoes with quality soles?

I have no problem finding myself stylish shoes. But it seems whenever I really like a pair they have really thin out/midsoles (insoles can easily be replaced) and undefined heels. I’d just like suggestions on some balanced choices which are stylish sans these problems. FYI I’m in my mid-20s and am going for a semi-casual/dress casual. I usually prefer matte or semi finishes and subtle two-tones.

My current shoe is a Cole Haan Tucker Oxford (black). I can feel everything through the sole and the heel is completely flat giving a little too casual of a look.

Anyone have any feedback on Bacco Bucci shoes??

sadly when it comes to quality shoes that are stylish and high quality, there aren’t too many tht are well balanced, the majority are quite thin and flat…especially slip-ons! this is solely (no pun intended) because tht is the style at the moment!! you could go for a pair of broque’s or patents!!! broques are ususalyy thicker but they do have detail on the shoe, patents are just as thick but are shiny (so im assuming this might be too far fetched to wear to sumthing casual).

what you could do is get the sole and heel re-done, you can even ask for more depth to it aswell so less of the feeling everything!!! or when buying a shoe, try and go for a suede in-sole….trust me they are as comfy as anything!!!

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