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American Living

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

American Living
American Living

Health issues: There are a lot of major health issues connected with the American Cocker Spaniel and good research should be done before getting this dog. Some of the issues are listed here; PRA, otitis externa, liver disease, CHF, cardiomyopathy, elbow dysplasia, IMHA, ectropion, allergies, seborrhoea and glaucoma are some. It is important that you make sure your Cocker is up to date on all vaccinations and heart worm preventatives. Also be sure to schedule at least two trips to your local vet per year for a complete check-up.

Grooming: The eyes tend to tear so will need wiping. This breed needs brushing daily for the long coat to keep nice. An American Cocker Spaniel will need trimming regularly. This is an average shedder.

Living conditions: The American Cocker Spaniel can live in an apartment. They only need a small garden to have plenty of room to run and play. They can be one of the harder dogs to potty train, but do get there in the end. Overall this entire dog is easy to train and will love a leader that is kind but firm. Giving this dog long walks daily will help to use the energy this dog has and will enable you to train this dog better.

Small dog syndrome should be avoided at all cost as this is where the dog has been allowed to take the leader role and this doesn’t make the dog happy but gives rise to problem behaviour. This can show in extreme shyness, submissive urinating, being mentally wound up unable to calm down, becoming aggressive or guarding objects obsessively, hyper activity and roaming or barking. This can all stop with the right leadership and positive placement within the pack. The field line in this breed has more energy. If the balance is in place you will have a wonderful dog who will love daily exercise and mental stimulation giving them the best in life.

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What can I expect as an American living and working in South Korea?

I have a chance at getting a job teaching English in South Korea. I know that there is fighting going on right now, but I’m uncertain as to how Americans are viewed over there. I’ve heard everything from “Koreans hate Americans” to “Koreans love Americans”.. I was hoping someone who has experienced South Korean culture recently could shed some light on what it’s like over there. I love all Asian cultures and I’m learning Korean. Any advice or pointers?

I don’t think it matters much. I’ve seen many teachers from America in Korea, and they love it there.
But you would have to expect some racism because you get that anywhere you go. It’s true that some Koreans might not like Americans so much because of its history and all, but I don’t think they will be mean to you just because of that. After all, you have nothing to do with the USA government.
Most of the people are very kind and generous, but some can be short-tempered and impatient.
I recommend avoiding arguements and don’t wander around alone at night.
Because Korea is a busy country, people might not like it when you take time when crossing the street or ordering food or drinks. (try not to keep them waiting)
But they are usually very kind to foreigners.
If you are interested in Korean culture, speak to them about their food, music, dramas, or sports.
These are all I can say. Good Luck!

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