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Aloha Shirt

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Aloha Shirt
Aloha Shirt

Are there any good sites i could order clothes from?

Well first i’ll tell you what types of clothes im looking for:
Im a big gamer, im into survival horror,
Johnny Depp is sweet [:
Im a tad bit of a goth minus the attitude [ Lawl you don’t need to know that XD ]
I don’t want to be too outrageous but i enjoy standing out.
Im into the Gothic Lolita look and a big Harajuku-styles Junkie.
I’m a huge fan of hot-topic, Im right down the street from it so don’t send me the link to their site [:
I like a lot of bands that are alternative, rock [ not Fall out Boy, more around the lines of Scarling and Zombie Girl]
I like shirts with funny quotes on them [ like the shirt with the french fry and the pineapple, and the french fry says: Bonjour
and the pineapple says : Aloha xD ]
I like shirts that have quotes form music on them also.
I like LACE. [ Lol “I love gollddd ]
Umm, does it help to tell you i’m pale? XD
– Nare-San

you could check out they have custom shirts you can make for yourself and they have defaults. Or you could look up they have a wide selection of bands, but I don’t know if your type. Its like Garbage, RHCP, RATM, that kind of stuff. (my kind of music =]]) Or you could just look up the label for the band, like Interscope, Purevolume, Epitaph, etc. Hope this helps =]]

Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

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