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All White

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010 in Mens Clothing

All White
All White

Choosing the right material for redecorating your bedroom is one of the most important decisions you will make. After all, it will add instantly a certain theme/feeling to your room. A rising trend is wicker furniture.

It looks attractive and casual to the eyes, as well as inexpensive to your wallet. Wicker can be treated and painted in many colors. The ones that match it best are organic, “earthy” colors, and whites.

White wicker bedroom furniture

can tie a general theme together — going all white on a room also brings up a tone of sophistication. Wicker furniture also allows you to structure a more elaborate decoration as well. You can choose among many different styles, and I will share five ideas with you:

1-) Princess Themed Bedroom: White wicker furniture will set the basic tone to your bedroom or nursery. After that you can accessorize the room with items such as a mobile or a lamp corresponding to the theme, and also add stencils and wall art to tie everything together.

2-) Jungle Themed Bedroom: This idea works best for older kids, since the idea behind it is to encourage them to ask questions and become curious about a chosen theme. From wicker furniture, you can build upon this idea and add a themed wall mural, some wall stickers, and even stuffed animals. As for wall color ideas, go somewhere near sable/dark brown and match it with a couple of neat bedding sets.

3-) Tropical Themed Bedroom: Here, area rugs will pair up well with white furniture and also add depth to the flooring. You can consider adding elements such as a fish tank, or simply shells and sand and beach items in a tank to bring the beach to your child’s room. Suggested wall colors are light skyblue or seagreen, along with themed stencils (or wall stickers) such as underwater life (corals, fishes, plants), surfing boards, lighthouses, sail boats, palm trees, and so on. This theme works best in a room with large windows.

4-) Country Cottage Themed Bedroom: The main element here are flowers, and you can bring them to a room with wallpaper borders and stencils. Other items that add up to the idea and help create the outdoorsy feel are animals such as butterflies, birds, cats and bunnies — remember as well to make creative use of wall art, too.

5-) Fairy Garden Theme: This is a variation of the above. Accessorize with beddings, curtains, and throw rugs. Keep it all light and bring plenty of flowers with stencils and wallart.

The key to using white wicker bedroom furniture when decorating a room, even within a specific theme, is to choose furniture that does not distract our eyes from the other elements. These five ideas, plus the all-white, contemporary room, will surely help you brainstorm ideas to structure your next bedroom decoration. To learn more about wicker or rattan furniture visit Charlotte’s site:

What kind of fish lays white eggs all over the aquarium?

I am just curious.

I have mystery snails, two dwarf gouramis (but I think they are both males – at least, they are both vibrantly colored), neon tetras, corey catfish, and white longskirt tetras.

I have seen orange eggs in the aquarium before, but they were always under plant leaves. These white ones are just all over the sides of the aquarium.

Cory’s, its really fun to watch them spawn too. The female lays the eggs and then takes 3 at a time over to the glass and sticks them on Its really funny to watch.

Here’s a site for you

It could also be snail eggs too but they would be super small and they usually look like grains of salt in a puddle of slime rather than eggs.,%20Corydoras.htm

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