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Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010 in Mens Clothing

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All Size

What is the size of World of Warcraft and all of its expansions?

Can someone tell me the size of WoW plus all 3 expansions in Gigabytes? Also,(side question) can someone explain what merging an account is?

For all three expansions plus the original? You’re looking at a good 20-25 gigs of space. My own personal folder is around 22 gigs, but that’s because I have thousands of screenshots and a couple dozen addons (one of which takes those screenshots automatically).

Merging your account is simply upgrading it from a normal WoW account to a account. A account works with all of Blizzard’s games: WoW, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3 (not yet released). It allows you to log in to any of those games with one username/password, download updates automatically, and, with the addition of RealId, chat with your friends in game – whether they’re playing your game or not!

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