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Air Classic

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Air Classic
Air Classic

What’s the difference between a classic air filter system AEM Intake?

And what’s the life time of AEM Intake

A “classic air filter system” uses a ‘drop in’ type air filter that is secured in place by the stock air filter retainer box. The air filter takes air in, and that air goes to the throttle body, which goes to the intake manifold, and so on.

The OEM air-filter / intake system for most cars is their weakest aspect, performance-wise. The air going into the filter in stock setups is HOT air sucked into the pistons and made even hotter in the process, which isn’t very effective if you consider that hot air is less dense so the motor isn’t combining as much air and fuel in each combustion as it would be if the air rushing into the motor was colder.

“AEM” is just one manufacturer of “Cold Air Intake” systems (or CAI). A CAI system is the first step in improving the intake components of your car. A CAI installs easily (really easily) onto your stock throttle body in place of the OEM air filter and box. It sucks air through a filter aimed into the bottom of the engine bay, thereby bringing in colder air. It filters materials much better than a stock filter, and it has better heat-resistance than a stock filter. So RWHP is increased because you’ve decreased the air temperature at intake, effectively allowing air to be denser in each piston which combusts more powerfully.

CAI systems are designed well by most big-name manufacturers. AEM’s filters, along with every other brand name, last for the life of your car. The CAI Kit comes with cleaning materials. Take care of it properly and it will last for a long time. I like to replace my filter once a year just so it looks nice and new.

In terms of quality, I like Iceman, K&N, and AirRaid. I’ve found those to have the best dyno results and quality. AEM is okay, the “Target” of CAI systems. Stay away from “APC” and “Dragon Weapon-R”, at least in my humble opinion, as those are two low quality CAI systems.

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