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Adidas Microbounce

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Adidas Microbounce
Adidas Microbounce

What is better, the microbounce or megabounce?

Hello I’m a high school freshman, 15 yrs old, 123 pounds… in shape….

Well the running shoes I have completely suck so I got to get new ones.. the adidas megabounce and microbounce have really caught my eye… and the top 3 runners in my track team wear them….

but what is the diffrence between the microbounce and the megabounce and the megabounce+….. and are they good or bad? and if you can recommend better plz tell me why.

wear what is comfortable for you.. dont worry about what the other people wear, just because they are fast.

adidas – Microbounce (cool)

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